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Airtel Super Singer – Uravugal round – final day

Posted on: April 2, 2009

It was a sad day in Airtel super singer as Prasanna was eliminated in spite of giving good performances over the 3 days. It seemed like it was already decided what they were going to do. It was like he was being punished for not having classical training and them constantly testing him in that genre to make sure he is eliminated. It’s frustrating that the same sort of tests was never done on Renu and I am almost sure that the next elimination is going to be either Raghini or Vijay.

Renu it seems has to just show up and sing to get selected and the others have to constantly sing different genre of songs to impress the judges. It’s becoming more and more obvious in the last few rounds as to whom the judge’s favorite is. It was rather sad that Prasanna was eliminated from the competition and really hats off to him for the way he dealt with the result.

He bowed away in style by singing his signature “Kuthu” song and entertained the audience for one last time in Airtel super singer. Srinivas said that Prasanna needs to train himself but can still become a play back singer by singing Kuthu songs. It was I thought an insult to the most versatile singer in the competition. If Srinivas is trying to say that only classically trained singers can survive in the industry then he is wrong. Ask SPB about it. I guess if SPB as a youngster had participated in super singer he would have been eliminated too. Prasanna is a good performer in most of the Genre and probably with experience can learn to sing classical better and can also train and become better than even the judges.

Anyways keeping my frustrations aside yesterday’s competition followed a familiar pattern, Unni Menon came as the chief guest and the remaining 4 singers performed. Renu sang “Deivam Thanda poove” song and gave an ordinary performance. She struggled with the breath and the judges said that it was a difficult song. Renu almost did justice to the song. Well if “almost” can win you a competition then people don’t have to try at all. All the contestants can choose difficult songs and give okay performances. I am sure that if any other singer had given such a performance he wouldn’t have been praised as Renu. It seems like the judges just say few negative points to keep the audience happy.

Srinivas has already started an excuse that Raghini does not have a voice to sing normal heroine sort of songs. So we can expect her to get eliminated pretty soon with that as the reason. We saw the judges started complaining about Prasanna in the last round itself to set the tone for this week’s show. Anyways I did not delve too much regarding the performances this week as it wasn’t that important.

I just want to congratulate Prasanna for an impressive journey in this competition. After being eliminated and coming back in to the competition he hardly had a bad round. He gave the viewers around the world watching the super singer many memorable moments. He was the most liked contestant in the competition and will for surely be missed. Good luck to him and I hope that he succeeds in whatever he decides to do from this point. Airtel Super singer through its bias has lost a good singer and a great entertainer.


7 Responses to "Airtel Super Singer – Uravugal round – final day"

I have stopped watching Airtel super singer after Prasanna got eliminated.Given a chance,like wild card round, he is sure to get the maximum number of votes from viewers.The programme has lost it’s charm without him.Prassy we all miss u soooooooooooo much.


If training in carnatic music is a criteria for this contest then why ask them to sing cine music ? Are the judges other than Unni really trained in carnatic music ? The whole show has lost a show man. The show dies with him. It is like killing a hero and calling the movie a trajedy.


I have already awarded the title to Prasanna.


i have been watching Airtel super singer from day one… I always felt that Ravi was given an extra weightage irrespective of his performance… he is a good singer no doubt but over rated…. in the semi final round, his nalm vazha song just did not have any emotions and mano rightly pointed out… but he still managed to get 21 points for that from srini…. is it really worth??? I still feel they must consider prasanna for the wildcard round. he will surely comeback with a bang:)))


I completely agree with all your comments, though I am replying to this post bit late…I wish even now we can do something to get prasanna in….Im trying to get most of my people in my department to vote for him. I stay in bangalore and Im very sure not many people have watched this show as we will be in office. But still they are voting for Prasanna. Let us hope that he gets back to the show thro wildcard and win the contest. If anybody knows email address of Prasanna, please post h ere.


prasana is back ! hope and pray he wins the airtel super singer !
he is the people’s choice singer.
glad and happy that prasanna is brought back in ..
without him the show was very boring and lost its charm..
and now that he’s back.. the show has got its super charm …


one thing for sure prasanna will definitely gets a chance to sing a kuthu song for one of the big music directors.. i am going to recommend him to one of the directors..

i am very sure a kuthu song of his will definitely reach the masses and its height.he has the support of the public.. and that’s what a singer needs most… Support !!!!

in nowadays songs a kuthu song is the one that reaches the masses the most.. i am hoping that prasana gets a chance to sing for one of the leading heroes in Tamil cinema…

way to go prasanna. very happy for u …


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