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Airtel Super Singer – The Wild Cards announced

Posted on: April 22, 2009

Finally I got to see who the wild card contestants were in Airtel super singer yesterday. I knew that Prasanna and Raghini would be there as they were the last ones to get eliminated before the Semi-Finals but I was more interested in finding out the third. The judges threw in lots of names and the two which came regularly were Santosh and Aruna.

So each judge could get one contestant back in the competition and the first one was Srinivas. He chose to review Aruna and Santosh and after reviewing a few tapes, he decided to go with Santosh for the wild card round. I guess it was a good choice as Santosh is a very good singer and a great character on the stage. He will for sure entertain the crowd next week.

The next was Sujatha who did not deliberate too much before announcing Prasanna as her choice. I am really happy for Prasanna as he gets a chance to perform again and this time with a chance to go to the finals. I am guessing with the audience in charge he has very good chance of making it.

Finally it was Unni’s turn and he deliberated between Aruna and Raghini, reviewed few tapes and finally chose to go with Raghini. So that was that and we have our 5 wild card entrants. I guess this week’s show was little bit boring and unnecessary as I did not see a point in having a show to profile the finalists so early. Since there is going to be another finalist added pretty soon they should have had this before the finals. Now there is an unwanted break before the Wild card which was uncalled for and this is where I get irritated with Airtel Super Singer. I guess a talent show going on for 1 year is a bit much I think but that’s just my opinion. Anyways I got my wish as Prasanna makes it to the wild card and now I hope that he makes it to the finals though.

I don’t mind if Santosh or Vijay end up in the finals either. So it’s going to be an interesting wild card round with lots of my favorites being there. I will for sure enjoy next week’s show.


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