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Hariyudan Naan – Confusing elimination round

Posted on: June 17, 2010

Hariyudan Naan elimination round has gotten me really confused. First of all let me explain the concept of the show from the round before the current elimination round. Hariharan judged the contestants and gave them different coloured badges according to their performance on that day. So according to color, green you were safe, yellow you needed improvement and red you are in the danger zone. So that wasn’t the issue for me as it was a straight forward exercise.

But the confusing part starts in the next round which is called the elimination round where anyone who performs badly on the day gets a red badge and gets eliminated. This happens even if you had green badge from the previous round. So why wasn’t this used as a yardstick in the previous round? I feel that this is really unfair to the contestants who got the green badge in the previous round. This means that people who received the red badge in the previous round get another chance to redeem themselves but the ones who did great in the previous round get eliminated based on just the one performance?

I am not sure who came up with the concept but this has lots of flaws in it. If the producers/organizers of the show decided to eliminate contestants getting the red badge then they should have followed that in the previous round and a natural progression would have been a better method. The concept should have been such that you cannot be eliminated unless you are in the yellow zone. Let me explain it more clearly. The singers who sing brilliantly according to the judges should be given green badge, the ones they think need improvement but were not that bad should get the yellow badge (which almost says that you can be eliminated if you don’t do well in the next round) and finally the people who get the red get eliminated.

So this way you cannot eliminate the people in the green zone just after one bad performance. They would have to get to the yellow zone first, get to prove themselves in one more round and then get eliminated if they don’t pull it off. This will make for much fairer judgment. Currently what the show is doing is ridiculous as they have given people with red another chance and have eliminated green after one bad performance. I hope that the producers take this to note as this does not make any sense to me. You cannot introduce the badge in one round and then change your policy in the next round.


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Hariyudan Naan is funny show in many ways – bringing a north indian teacher to teach ( I think Hariharn is fascinated with Hindi too much – may times used hindi words which he can easiy tell either in English or Tamil).

By doing this so – AHariharn has proved that there are no great music teachers in south India.


Super singer 3 is utter waste. In recall round, why recalled only girls, why didn’t recall pradeep, They could give a chance to Pradeep. One girl (I forgot her name) recalled which she was eliminated in primary stage. Pradip is much better than that girl. But Hariyudan Naan is giving training to contestants. Hindustani is also must. Every one is learning carnatic music except Nancy. There are more number of teachers to teach carnatic music in Tamil Nadu, But Hindustani northindians are specialist. At the same time for carnatic song South Indians are expert. That was why North Indian teacher teach hindustani. Hats off Hariyudan Naan.


Super Singer was good in the second season but even then I was very critical of their delay tactic. They keep delaying the show with too many mindless celebrations and recall rounds. I am not sure what Hariyudan Naan is doing right now as I haven’t seen it for the past 3 months or so. It seems like Tamil talent shows cannot be short and quick and they need to always stretch is for a year or so. I have lost patience will all of them as you just keep waiting for ages to see who will win the show.


I would like to say that this is the best musical program which I have seen. People it is the musicality on an individual which they want to extract and most importantly I do know music and do not have a musical training. But issue is music brings tears when they are done right. An example is Ravi Shankar’s board playing skills. We all want this talent to be extracted and that is the meaning of the program HARIYUDAN NAAN.




I am an ardent Malay6sian viewer of all the singing reality shows especially ‘Hariyudan Naan’. I have learnt quite a bit about singing and how to eliminate wrong singing by watching this particular show. Thank you Jaya TV. I hope it continues with a Part 2 and so on. The show has encouraged me to take up singing at this age of 60. I hope to be a singer one day.


I love hariyudan naan. I am in america and have been watching since it began. Unlike other shows this program provides proper training. Three awesome judges and awesome director are all part of the power packed show. These top 7 will be our future singers. they already have their trademark win or lose. It is unfaiir how bhargavi came back in through wild card. And why is it top seven. I believe that Gopal krishnan should be the winner. he sings very well. I can foresee him as the future harish ragavendhra. He sings the same way also. Sad songs will suit his voice. Harish sings all sad songs if you note.

thank you


I also believe that Hariyudan Naan is little different from the other run of the mill talent shows on the other channels. But as you said I never understand the logic behing the wild card round. I just feel that the show producers use this as a delaying tactics. By having couple of episodes on this and bringing back couple more contestants mean that the show can go on longer.


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