Hariyudan Naan, Super Singer – What happens to the non winners?

Over the weekend I caught up with Hariyudan Naan after almost 4 months and it hadn’t moved that much, not surprisingly though. I saw when they had top 12, now they are at top 8. Also simultaneously on Vijay TV we have the Airtel Super Singer taking place which has barely begun at this point. I don’t expect a result on that until 2012. While watching the episode this weekend, one thing which struck my mind was most of these contests are winner takes all format, so what happens to the others?

I know that Vijay TV gives some opportunities to prior participants to sing in their tours and programs but would that be enough for someone wanting to make a career out of music? I have noticed that some of the contestants keep jumping from one talent show to the other. Like Gopalkrishnan, Barghavi, Aruna who were part of Airtel super singer 2008 participated in Hariyudan Naan and did quite well. Except for Aruna, the other two are now in top 8 but if they don’t end up in the top 5 what’s going to be their future. Do they keep shuttling between TV shows? Santosh who was also in the super singer 2008 is again back in this season.

All these competitions are judged by famous singers and some music directors too come in at some point, so it’s a surprise to me that the contestants at least the top 10 don’t land up with some chance in music. The contestants go through grueling selection process to reach a particular level like a top 8 or top 10 and when they get eliminated at that point they have to go through the same process again in a different channel or competition or just give up. This is actually really sad and must be heartbreaking for these contestants who might end up making top 10 in all competitions but not win it to make the cut.

Ajeesh won the Airtel Singer 2008 and in 3 years he has sung like 3 songs but what about the 2nd and 3rd place finishers in 2008? Where are they now? Are they getting any chances? Are they even pursuing music as their careers? No one knows.

Probably these channels should do a show every year like American Idol in the US does, where they tell us where the Idols are and what they are up to right now. The viewers watch these shows for almost a year and get involved with these contestants and when the show is over we have no clue what goes on with them except for the winner who gets to sing couple of movie songs. It will be great to know what Renu, Ranjani, Ravi, Vijay, Prasanna, Raghini (Even though we see her in Koffee with Anu) and others are doing after the super singer and whether they are still pursuing their musical dream. Probably the channels should consider doing something like that after a year of each season. Pick the top ten of the previous season and have an interview with them.

These contestants shouldn’t have to keep jumping from one show to another as at some point frustration will creep in and they will give up. The fact that some of them are able to make it to Top 10 in all the channels and competitions in front of different judges says quite a lot about their ability. So it will be great to learn what they thought about the competition and how that has helped them in their goal. Probably the channels like Jaya and Vijay should think about this. Don’t you think it will be great if these singers are invited on Vijay TV to talk about their post 2008 season life? Wouldn’t it be great? I had written exclusive reviews of Airtel super singer 2008 and would surely love to know what the contestants are doing right now.

8 thoughts on “Hariyudan Naan, Super Singer – What happens to the non winners?

  1. RV

    Tamil Film music industry is loaded with tons of talents today. So, even the winners get a chance or two in playback singing, it is up to them to utilize it to grow their career in this field.
    As a matter of fact, the non-winners are in advantage, as they do not bind themselves in any contract that is made for the winners.
    Also, all the top contestants travel a lot and do tons of show, say 70-75 shows in a year.
    All these talent shows can only provide a platform, it is up to oneself to bring any success to their music career. They need to work so harder.

    As a note: it is understood that Singer Srinivas gave a golden opportunity to one of the singer from Super singer 2, by putting them in front of ARR for a recording. This person apparently messed up the great chance, by not showing seriousness or interest in pursuing the career!


    1. girisopinion Post author

      I am not for once saying that this not a great platform obviously it is. People from earlier generation had to struggle harder to get noticed but thats not the point I am trying to make. One or two of them might be recommended by singers like Srini but not all of them get an opportunity. I know that everyone has to struggle and work hard but music industry is more competetive and its not easy for a nobody to suddenly emerge. I am just saying that these people can track these singers and find out what they are doing right now and see how their path has been. It will be a great show and will be a chance for them to showcase their efforts and struggles. American Idol does it here and I dont think it will be such a difficult thing for jaya or Vijay to do the same. Have they been able to get a break? Have they given up? It would be worthwile to know and it will be a lesson to future contestants as to what their options are.


  2. lalitha narasimhan

    Dear Sir,

    I wonder if the final competitions held at Dubai were broad costed in India ?I have been watching Jaya T.V. but new episode have been started ,without making any comments!
    we will be happy if only it is tely casted again if we have missed it by any chance. we are keen to know who is the winner.



  3. girisopinion Post author

    I think Ravishankar was the winner and Lakshmi was the runnerup if that helps. I guess it was already telecasted in India. Not sure if Jaya will do the rerun.



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