It’s not an English writing contest

In recent times reading some movie reviews has become a tedious exercise. A normal movie buff looks only for certain things in a review, the positives and the negatives, performance of the lead actors and the music. Basically an outline as to whether the movie is to his/her liking or not. This information should as far as I am concerned be expressed in simple understandable language. In the recent times when I read reviews written by certain writers I feel that it’s an essay for an English literature class. The reviews are extremely complicated to understand and for sure is not in simple language.

I sometimes cannot understand what writers are trying to prove by writing such complicated reviews. No one wants to break their head in trying to understand what is written and for sure none of the readers are here to appreciate your command over English. If your target audience is English professors and literature students then I can understand the logic behind such complex writing. I am not saying that all the reviewers are the same as there are a few who write extremely good reviews without using complex sentence formations.

It’s nice to have great command over the language but one should not lose the basic plot of the task in hand. We need to communicate things which are easily understandable even to someone who isn’t extremely proficient with the language. Writers should keep in mind as reviews are a mode of giving your opinion of a movie to an audience who just want to find out if this is something they want to watch or not. If you are writing these in your personal blogs then it is fine but when you write for a website the accomplishment of the task at hand takes the priority.

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