My name is Giridharan Subramanian. I am blog writer and a freelance writer for few websites. Even though I work in a monotonous IT job my passion lies in writing. I don’t have a degree in journalism nor am I fancy with words but I have incredible passion for writing. I began writing about 10 years ago due to my love for one sport which shaped my entire childhood, Cricket. The game was an integral part of my growing up years and I wanted to keep in touch with my passion.

I have been writing for about 10 years now and I can see how much my writing style has changed over the years. As I said earlier I am not a trained writer but I make sure that my writing is original and I do thorough research before posting anything even on my blog. The knowledge I have gained on the game I love obviously translates into my writing and whatever I write shows the love I have for the sport. It is not only cricket, I do write quite a lot about current affairs and other sports such as Tennis. I would want one day to make a living out of writing about cricket. It has always been my dream.

Writing this blog has given me great sense of satisfaction which my work hasn’t been able to give me over the last 10 years.

9 thoughts on “About

    1. Prakash

      Hi GIRI
      I am proud of your sincere efforts at blogging. I also appreciate your spirit in driving home your points of view. As you have said your thorough insight and knowledge of the game will stand you in good stead in your efforts at blogging.
      Continue to blog and try social issues too which in India is the need of the hour. I am already doing it on FB.
      Our best wishes to you to continue blogging.


      1. girisopinion Post author

        Hello Mama, Thanks for those encouraging words. I am trying to write as much as possible on social issues too. I will keep doing that in the future as well.


  1. Ramanathan

    Nice, be to the point, today the game has become corrupt, a genuine moment to is circumspect, well right from the elected body, the players,the wickets etc and thus the dwindling impact of this sport. True a person like me came to recognition because of this sport would not like my next gen to take upto this sport.


    1. girisopinion Post author

      Yup you are right. But I guess we are seeing a turnaround in recent times but again where there is huge sum of money there is bound to be corruption.



        Well that is the point, nothing is going on as per the papers but for a few, right from the basic level of sport. You are selected on the basis of your personal contacts, your power to put him in the best and powerful coach, thus the nature and natural sport is affected and therefore the greed and urge for big money starts. Bishensing sing Bedi is right when he says the slots starts when it starts for money in DDCA, and not in DDCA it is rampant all through in other states also, I ma happy today KIRTI AZAD has voiced his opinion, where are all the Cricketers today, I expected atleast Kapildev to voice concern or support Mr Kirti Azad which is not happening.
        As far as the money goes it comes in many ways and there is rampant and abundant corruption and it basically starts from the top right from Secretary level (ELECTIONS) and to the player and coach which every person is aware,


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