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Pathetic performance by the Indian team

Posted on: October 30, 2006

The Indian team again dished out yet another pathetic performance on the field to loose the all important game against the Aussies. I am sure not many people gave the Indian team a chance before the match as they had not beaten the aussies in the one-day format for a long time now. The batting was ordinary after a good start and bowling was pathetic to say the least.

The Indian selectors need to take some harsh decisions and drop people who are not performing and inject some young blood in the team. Irfan Pathan has been bowling rubbish for the last few months and his batting has also hit a all time low, inspite of which he continues to be in the team. The batting of Sachin and Kaif defied any logic and I was not sure what they were trying to achieve by batting so negetive.

Sachin at the start looked clueless against the bowling of Mcgrath and eventually lost his wicket. If Sachin was finding hard to face Mcgrath, he should have made sure that the strike was rotated and he does not have to face the entire over. Mohd Kaif’s batting in the final overs was also something which could not be explained. Eventhough I would like to give credit to the Aussies on restricting India,but the batting by the Indians lacked any planning. The batting order started out well but sending Raina before Dhoni was a huge mistake which cost India some valuable runs late in the order.

All in all it was again a horrible performance by the Indian team. The Indian team selection to South Africa brings no surprises, except for the inclusion of Anil Kunble and Zaheer Khan. One more oversees tour and this time there is no expectation on Indian team to perform miracles.

Congrats to the Australian team on yet another title win. They proved once again as to why they the number one team in the world.


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