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The Seniors Should Spark The Turnaround

Posted on: May 7, 2007

After a disappointing exit from the World Cup the Indian team start their season with a series against Bangladesh. This is the start of a long and difficult season for the Indians as they take on both England and Australia later this year. The Indian team start the series on 10th of this month with 3 one dayers followed by couple of test matches. The one day team for India is without the experience of Sachin and Sourav but Dravid has been retained as the captain of the team. Sehwag should consider himself very lucky to be a part of the one-day team as he has not been performing well for a long time now. Even though he scored a hundred against the hapless Bermuda attack, the discipline in his batting is still lacking.

I would have expected India to make more changes to their bowling attack as except for Munaf and Zaheer nobody looked convincing in the WC. As expected Agarkar and Pathan were dropped from the squad to Bangaldesh but recalling RP Singh, I think is a step back. RP Singh was currently playing in English County Cricket and I would have expected him to complete an entire season there to gain some valuable experience as India tour England this summer.

The Indian team to be successful in International cricket needs at least one good fast bowler who is consistent and quick. The batting has been the main concern for the Indian team in the past few months. Rahul Dravid and Dhoni have been the most consistent batsmen in this period and the others in team have been really struggling. Sehwag as I mentioned above has been been the worst of the pack and still finds a place in the squad which is hard to believe. India should be trying out new players in the place of Sehwag and allow him to play in the domestic cricket and fight his way back to the team.

This series is been termed as a “Revenge” series by the media and it brought out a immediate denial from the Indian captain. Even though Dravid says that they are not terming this as the revenge series they will know in their minds that anything less than a white-wash will not convince their fans. There is lots of pressure on the Indian team to get back into their stride after their disappointing World Cup performance and the seniors in the squad like Sachin, Sourav and Dravid should spark the turn around which the team is looking for. They need not be the star performers in this series but their job will be to instill confidence and self belief on to the youngsters in the team.

The senior members in the team have just a few years of International cricket left in them and they should make it count in not only their personal performances but also in leaving behind a strong Indian team when they retire. The Indian team has lots of promising youngsters such as Dhoni, Karthik, Pathan and few others who need proper direction in their careers to become tough and more consistent in their performances. The Indian team has a long and hard international calender ahead of them and they would need to start well by winning both the one-day and test series in Bangladesh. I hope that we would be able to achieve the same in this series without any problems.

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