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Airtel Super Singer Classical Round – Day 1

Posted on: March 17, 2009

The classical round began yesterday with just 7 singers remaining in the competition. The contestants had to sing Classical based songs in the movies. If they are not spot selected then they would be have to sing a classical song which did not feature in movies. It was always going to be interesting as I thought that Ajeesh and Ravi would relish this round before it even began. I was more interested to see the performances from Vijay and Prasanna.

The first singer of the night was Ravi and as expected he gave a stunning performance. He sang “oru Naal Podhuma” song and he was brilliant. The judges absolutely loved it and so did I. Ravi was always expected to steal the show this round and as Srinivas pointed out this was his strength. Ravi has been one of the strongest contenders in Airtel super singer since the selection times. He is highly trained and can sing with flawless brilliance most of the time. Yesterday was yet another such performance from him. Even though there were little mistakes here and there pointed out by Unni and Sujatha he was rightly spot selected.

After a fantastic beginning to the evening the next singer was Ranjani. She had a hard act to follow but I thought did a commendable job with her rendition of “Kannodu Kanbadhelaam” from Jeans. The Judges felt that it was a good attempt but was nothing spectacular. Srinivas said that it was too much of a clinical performance from Ranjani and the song required little bit of wildness. Ranjani unfortunately was not spot selected.

The third singer of the evening was Vijay Narayanan. He was one of the singers I wanted to see last night. Vijay is an excellent singer and he is one singer who is not afraid of experimenting. He sang “Isaiyil Todunguthamma” from the movie Hey Ram. This is one of the toughest song to sing and has too many sangadhi’s one after the other without a break. The Judges felt that Vijay made a great attempt on a tough song. I felt that Vijay did a brilliant job. Sujatha felt that it would have suited Vijay better if he had chosen something more lighter. Even though the judges appreciated Vijay for his song selection and the attempt, he was unfortunately not spot selected.

Only three singers performing in 1 hour was little bit disappointing. I know that Vijay TV is trying to push the show to 3 days in a week and have 4 singers sing on the day2 but still it was something very irritating. The constant hamming of Malini Yugendran is something which is hard to take. I guess its unfortunate for the show that Chinmayi decided to pull out. Anyways four contestants left to perform and yet another interesting show ahead tonight.


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I saw the latest western round on the internet. When all songs were very good, it was strange that Ajeesh was held and others were gone thru. The bodylanguage of the judgesh gives me the perception that they are given the script to verdict. I can even judge who will be the super singer, by the way they are talking. Here is my guess

Western round elimination will be Ajeesh (or give him another life line which is remote). Though Ajeesh sung very well (to me)
Prasanna’s stint will be over very soon. Srinivas’s comment clearly indicates.
Rest of the lot the judjes basically finding (picking) on small small things shows that they are not in favoure
The finalists are Ravi and the most undeserving of the lot, Rahini
Poor Ravi will be searching for the reasons as a losing finalist while Rahini will be enjoying the favour.
These are all my perception. They way they brought in rahini after a series of bad to worse performances, clearly indicates that

Today all the judges has stone face that indicates they are not giving their own comments.

I may be completely wrong . Perception is not reality though!


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