India should look to build a team for the future

Watching the Indian team during the 90’s was extremely frustrating. The team which functioned like a well-oiled machine at home played like a bunch of novices when they toured abroad. The batting struggled and the bowling lacked any sort of bite. The current series in England brings back the bad memories. It is sad because since the turn of the century, it seemed as though India had left the ghost of the 90’s behind.

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2 thoughts on “India should look to build a team for the future

  1. Ritesh

    Hi Giri,

    Yes this series has been frustrating to watch. It is hard to understand how a world beating team could look like they were playing without purpose.

    Although it would be all to easy to blame the IPL or “too much cricket” perhaps we need to look into using players on a rota basis or maybe (banish the thought!) play fewer games.

    What do you think?



    1. girisopinion Post author

      I guess the major issue with this series was the players took it very lightly. Playing the IPL right after the world cup in spite of few of them being injured was a major reason that India struggled in West Indies and also in England. I think the players need to get their priorities right. If they feel that they want to play IPL only they can well retire from test cricket and concentrate on T20/ODI’s like Brett Lee and Malinga have done. Lack of thought process by few players cost us this series and ofcourse poor scheduling by BCCI.



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