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Know your friends on Facebook

Posted on: June 5, 2012

I normally don’t access my Facebook account. The only reason I use the Facebook for is to publish my articles from my blog. Even that gets automatically published when I submit a blog. So I got a friend request recently and the name looked very familiar. I had friends by that name in both school and at work. I did not even look at the person’s profile before accepting the request.

Yesterday my wife who was just looking at my Facebook page noticed that there was a obscene picture posted on my wall. I was shocked and found that it was that person who I had accepted a week back who had done that. I was really frustrated and embarrassed. I immediately removed that picture and removed that guy from the list.

It is sad that people use trust of others in a wrong way. I am still not certain if it was my friend from the work but I guess it was my mistake of not doing proper research before accepting him as my friend. It is a warning and I will surely learn from it. I would just tell all my friends, please make sure whom you approve as friends and make sure that you really know that person before giving them access to post on your wall, tag photos etc…This was a very bad experience.

I really apologize to my friends if they saw that picture and got offended. I will from now on make sure that this does not happen on my page again.


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