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Airtel Super Singer – B&W round – Day 1

Posted on: March 10, 2009

The Super singer B&W round day 1 completed yesterday in the US (Yeah the show is a week or two behind here) and it was fantastic. The contestants had to sing B&W songs and it was a great performance from all the three singers who sang yesterday. It was also fantastic to see PB Sreenivas coming in as a chief guest along with the legendary Manorama Aachi. They seemed to enjoy the show very much as the contestants sang classics which were beautifully rendered.


First contestant on the stage was Prasanna and he started off with a bang. He sang “Kettukodi Urimimelam” (Original Sung by TMS) with lots of energy and I thought he did a great job. It’s not easy to sing a TMS song as he had such a high range and is a legend in Tamil cinema. Prasanna, I felt did justice to the song and was unfortunate not to be spot selected.


The next contestant was Renu and I normally don’t like her performances as its one dimensional. She normally picks out either Susheela or chitra songs and always struggles with the breathing. Yesterday again she picked out a Susheela song but she was bang on this time. The round demanded such a song and her rendition of “oru naal yaro ennai” was very nice and sounded great. Manorama was completely spellbound and said that Renu took her back to the olden days. It was a good performance from Renu after a series of mediocre attempts in the earlier rounds. She was the first contestant to be spot selected yesterday.


The final contestant of the day was one of my favorites Ajeesh who was dressed up like the legendary comedian Nagesh who passed away recently and sang “Avalukku Enna”. Ajeesh has a fantastic voice and always sounds great and as usual it was a good performance from him yesterday. It was great the way he has improved so much during the course of the Airtel Super Singer and seems to be working hard on ironing out the flaws. He along with Prasanna is one of the most improved singers since the start of the competition. I really enjoyed his performance and the judges did too and rightly spot selected him.


So three singers perform on day one and two of them spot selected. I am really looking forward to the day two as my other favorite Ravi will be performing and I am sure he will do a good job. Airtel super singer once again proved that it’s the best talent hunt show in Tamil and has the best voices among all the other shows in other channels.


Just before I finish the piece, I have to mention that Malini yugendran is getting on my nerves with the way she presents the show. It’s unfortunate that chinmayi left the show and we have to deal with this substandard attempt at presenting the show. I really feel sorry for Yugendran though as the poor guy hardly seems to get a chance to talk. Anyways the contestants though with their performances make the show a great watch, in spite of Malini’s constant hamming.


3 Responses to "Airtel Super Singer – B&W round – Day 1"

I wish Prasanna All the very BEST! He is a natural gift to the music world, without any carnatic background, he did justice to the song that he sang in the carnatic round. Very passionate singer.. May god be always with you..


I’m not going to watch Airtel super singer any more. They eliminated Prasanna. Its a shame on the way, the elimination was done. He is like an Ekalaiva without a Guru. I wish Elaiyaraja or Rahman gives Prasanna a chance.


i was moved to tears seeing prassanna getting eliminated.bias bias all the more watching airtel super singer.


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