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Airtel super singer this week

Posted on: April 6, 2009

Airtel super singer this week seems to be something to do with singing with a live orchestra. That’s what it seemed like looking at the promos. My interest in the show has gone down a little bit since the elimination of one of my favorites Prasanna but I will keep going as I am curious to know who eventually wins the competition.

This week is going to be easier for most of the people and I guess the elimination will be based upon minor mistakes here and there. I am mostly looking forward to the performances of Vijay, Ravi and Raghini as they are the last three of my favorites left in this competition. People reading my posts would have figured out by now that I hate Renu and Ranjani fares just better in comparison. Ajeesh is good but again seems to struggle when it comes to energy and openness in singing.

Let’s see how tonight’s show goes. I am thinking that Ravi and Vijay should go through and the elimination will be between the others. I also hope that the judges insist that Renu does some experimentation with her song choices as its getting irritating and monotonous with her one dimensional singing. Yeah she has great voice but so do the others.

Anyways the competition is not going to be the same in the absence of Prassy, but the show must go on. Let’s hope for a fairer judgment this week and the right candidate’s progress to the next round.


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