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Airtel Super Singer – Raghini goes as we are down to Top 5

Posted on: April 9, 2009

My prediction from last week came true as Raghini was eliminated yesterday by the judges to leave Ajeesh, Vijay, Ravi, Renu and Ranjani to battle in the Semi Finals. I knew it was coming in the last two weeks when Srinivas made comments about Raghini’s inability to sing normal heroine type melodies. Well she was tested on it yesterday alright and I felt she did a decent job.

Three singers sang yesterday with Harini as the chief guest and frankly Vijay was brilliant. I did not see the performance of Raghini yesterday but Ajeesh was so-so and finally the three were called on to the stage for the verdict. Harini said that all the three gave good performances and requested the judges to give them songs which they aren’t that comfortable with. Raghini was given the melody, Ajeesh a fast song and Vijay was left to decide his own genre. Well Ajeesh sang well, Vijay was brilliant and Raghini was not that bad.

Finally the judges decided to let Raghini go as they felt that she was the weak link. Well to be frank it will be hard not to agree with their decision yesterday as I felt that Ajeesh and Vijay sang better. But to think of it I am surprised why Vijay always ends up in the bottom half of the pack. He seems to be the only contestant who seems to experiment a lot and mostly pulls it off. Raghini was another contestant who experiments with her song choices. We have Ravi who if forced sings different, same in the case of Ranjani again sings different only when the round demands. Renu doesn’t experiment even if the round demands but the judges like her so it doesn’t matter what she sings. Ajeesh again like Ranjani and Ravi will sing different if the round demands.

Well so Raghini gets eliminated and two weeks in a row I lose my favorites in the competition. Last week it was Prassy and this week Rags. Well anyways someone has to go. Raghini took the decision very well and left gracefully much better than how she left last time around. She thanked the voice trainer Ananth Vaidyanathan for his help and support. Raghini since her return through the recall round had been brilliant and carried herself much better. She smiled more often on stage and took the judge’s comments much better than she did last time around. I feel that she has the potential to become a play back singer. Her voice is different and she has variety which clearly lacks in certain contestants in Top 5.

I wish best of luck to her in whatever she takes up in the future. I hope that she doesn’t give up singing and ends up as a playback singer.

I would like to hear thoughts from the readers and give their opinion on the current top 5 and who you think will win the Airtel Super singer. Please leave your comments. Thanks and that’s all for now, I will be back with my review of the Semi-finals next week.

5 Responses to "Airtel Super Singer – Raghini goes as we are down to Top 5"

I totally agree with your comments….i just saw the semi finals this week and as expected the judges praised renu to the core….there is no doubt that she is a good singer….but she needs to experiment on different genre’s of music…she ends up singing melodious songs and wins her way through….srinivas will always keep praising her and will never advice her to experiment…..on the other hand, if raginishree , vijay or prassi experiment , he doesn’t receive them well….in the round where ragini was eliminated, she sang sowkiyama….i think she did a decent job…..that srinivas questions her on the choice of the song saying that she already proved to be good in carnatic….whats hs problem? she knows its her forte and wants to do well and get thru….i think it was very evident that they decided before hand on whom they wanted to eliminate…..the same person has never asked renu on why she “does not” experiment songs and why she sings “only” melody songs….my main argument is the judges should be consistent and unbiased…anyways….who knows whats happening off screens…they might just do what the directors of the show demand….


i think ravi is talented and versatile….he deserves to win the contest…ajeesh is also a good contender….


i wish best of luck to presanna ragini ranjini for their next round.

ravi sings well . he deserves to win. good luck to all the contastants

comment by gowri.


Airetl super singer top 5

1.prasanna- not carnatic based but best in connection to the crowd – crowd puller – all time favorite

2.Ravi – best male singer – learnt carnatic – but there is “something” missing abt him …(maybe no connectivity to the crowd)

3.Ajeesh – great control of voice – on and off at times – can be a great singer on big occasions – but low confidence at times.

4.Ranjini – best female singer – carnatic based – super confidence – chances are there to be one

5.Renu – was surprised by her inclusion to the finals – render same type of songs – not versatile – will go blank at times.


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