Airtel Super Singers – Semi Finals

Semi Finals this week and its going to be predictable I feel. I already saw some promos and it seems like the top three are Ajeesh, Ravi and Renu and I guess those are the three who for sure will go through to the finals. The elimination is going to be between Vijay and Ranjani. That’s the predictability of Airtel Super Singer as the decision is still in the hands of the judges.

I personally think that Renu doesn’t deserve to win the competition and so should not be in the finals. To be frank the best 3 singers are the male contestants and I would place Ranjani ahead of Renu just for her ability to sing different genres. But the problem is that the judges don’t think so. When I was seeing the Promos on Vijay Tv, it seems like the top three are Ajeesh, Ravi and Renu and this gives us a peek into the judge’s thinking.

Anyways it seems like Renu will for sure be through to the finals if there are going to be more than 2 finalists. I would prefer that the judges test her really hard and at least in the finals they should have three separate rounds making the contestants sing different genres with melody not being one of them. Hopefully this week will be good but I am not that interested regarding the outcome as my favorite is already eliminated.

3 thoughts on “Airtel Super Singers – Semi Finals

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  2. Mahesh

    We all knew that to be a play back singer, voice is the main thing and we have only two female play back singers as of now. Ranjani’s voice is not as that much better than Renu’s. And the second thing is, it is really very hard to become a Supersinger without having carnatic music knowledge. We must appreciate Renu, why because she is in finals now without having Carnatic music skills. In our country we have of lot The Best female singers without Carnatic music knowledge.



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