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Airtel Super Singer – Wild Card round 2 and the results

Posted on: May 4, 2009

This is the results week and I have a fair idea as to who might make it to the finals. It seems that they are going to have another round for the Wild Card contestants and the judges are going to pick one finalist of their choice. This makes two more contestants who will reach the finals adding to the three already there.

Well Airtel Super Singer always keeps adding people more than the required number. Anyways as long as they don’t have best of three finals, I am okay with it. So I am thinking that it’s going to be between, Prasanna (Viewers vote), Santosh and Ranjani (Judge’s choice). I think that its going to be the end of the road for Raghini and Vijay. It was always on the cards as the judge’s like Ranjani very much which was much evident with their over the top praise of “Porale Ponnuthayi”.

Vijay and Raghini are excellent singers and I hope that they do well in music. I hope that they don’t give up singing. As for the rest of the three contestants, I am guessing that Prasanna might make it to the finals through the viewers vote. The other spot is an interesting one. Santosh shocked the judges with his incredible singing on the day 3 of Wild Card round 1 and now Ranjani might not be their obvious choice.

Ranjani was steady over the three days and I found nothing spectacular in her performances last week. The judges though kept on undermining the rest of the singers to praise Ranjani, which makes me think she might be the judge’s choice. I hope that Santosh gets a chance but I guess Vijay Tv might want to keep another female contestant in the finals with Renu.

Anyways let’s see how it unfolds this week. If anyone already know the result please let me know.


4 Responses to "Airtel Super Singer – Wild Card round 2 and the results"

well said. and well called. santosh doesnt perform particularly well in this round though.


Hi there!
I am not sure if you are still watching..
Finals is running now and in the first round of finals, everyone sang well.. At the end of first round – carnatic, one has to be eliminated based on people’s vote. And, thats Ranjani. She got eliminated yesterday.. But she really sang extremely well on her first round. I wonder why people did not vote for her! 😦
So the second round started with Western yesterday.. Only 4 contestants now.. Renu, Ravi, Ajeesh and Prasnanna


Hi dear super singers,

its really gud, Ajeesh i like u da chellam.


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