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Anoop went through to top 7 last night and it was not without drama. When Anoop sang on Tuesday, I never thought that he would end up in the bottom three. The judges liked his performance and all of them gave him good comments. But it did not seem like America agreed with the judges.

Anoop was the first one in the bottom three. Anoop ended up with Scott as the final two on stage and was relieved when Ryan Seacrest announced that he was safe. Unfortunately Scott had to be eliminated as the judges decided not to use their one save for the entire season as they felt that there were better singers in the competition who might require it later.

Anyways it was a lucky escape for Anoop and he has to make sure that he turns in consistent performances in the coming weeks. He is a good talent and I think that he has to at least reach top 5. Good luck to him for the rest of the competition.

Anoop made it through to the next round yesterday but chose another wrong song on Tuesday. The judges were clearly not that happy and he recieved very bad comments from all the judges even from Paula. Anoop has to really pull up his socks if he has to remain in this competition.

I am afraid till now he seems to be going the Sanjaya way. I hope that he stays in this competition through his ability rather than his popularity. He should choose the right songs to suit his voice and should perform better if he has to avoid elimination. Lets hope that he does that in the next round.

It will be interesting tonight and I will get to see Anoop Desai perform once again on the stage in the Judge’s wildcard round. I lost a little bit of interest this year when Anoop did not make the top 12 earlier but this will be his second chance and I think he might just make it. I hope he does as it will keep me glued to this season of the Idol.

I am keeping my fingers crossed for tonight’s show. Go Anoop go!!

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