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Few years back the only way to wish someone on their birthday used to be over the phone. This means that first you need to remember their birthday and then remember to call them on that day. Even though some people were able to do it, I for once struggle to remember too many birthdays. Nowadays Social Networking such as Facebook has for sure gotten friends closer and has made communication easier.

I have found lots of my old friends whom I never thought would meet again and also have been able to be in touch with them. It is surely a great medium and has surely revolutionized communication. Even though there is a danger of people resorting to online communication rather than having personal dialogues, it is still a great tool. Even though there are some negatives to social networking I am not going to delve on it at the moment.

Birthday wishes has been pouring since last night on my Facebook wall and I am really thrilled about the same. Thanks to all of you for your wishes.

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