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Helping tendency is not a common thing among human beings. It is even hard to find someone who would help people selflessly without any benefit to take out of that deed. That’s the reason I was awestruck when I read about this young boy just 19 years of age risking his life to help people just because it makes him happy. Venkatesh has been doing this since he was 13 years old and is extremely happy to put his life at risk to save people from drowning in the famous Marina Beach in Chennai.

People like Venkatesh are extremely rare in this world and need to be cherished and celebrated. Venkatesh has saved 100’s of people from drowning and does not want anything in return for the same. He even says that the people whom he rescues do not even acknowledge him sometimes but still it does not deter him from jumping into water the next time someone’s in trouble.

This young boy is special and I hope that the Govt. of Tamil Nadu does something to recognize this selfless act. The boy just wants to spend his life on the beach saving people and would like to setup a small shop there in the beach itself to earn his livelihood. It will be great to help him if there were proper channels for the same. I hope that people like Venkatesh are honored and respected for bravery and courage. He has been putting his life in danger to save strangers and he has been doing this for 7 years now.

Please share this with as many people as you can. I hope that this reaches the right people through social medium and the boy gets the help he needs to continue this selfless act. People like Venkatesh actually makes you believe in humanity which otherwise seems to be dead all over the world.

“If only I could go back in time” is a thought which goes thorough most of our minds at least once in our lifetime. There are lots of things in our life which we think we could have done little bit different in our life. There are lots of decisions in our life which we can reverse and correct when we find it’s not the right one for us and there are a few which cannot be made right and will haunt us for rest of our life.

I always thought that we have choices all the time and we get to pick the right one. People always blame God for all their failures and for all the bad decisions they make in life. For me it’s always us who are responsible for doing the right thing in life. I think God has put a state called “Confusion” in our minds so that it makes us think little bit harder when making those important decisions. Most of the time people like me believe in their instincts to make the most important decisions in life. As far as I am concerned till recent times I have really happy with most of my choices in life.

Even though I believe in destiny and all the things which I have mentioned earlier in this piece, I still wonder what it would be like if we had a time machine. I was recently watching “Harry potter and The prisoner of Azkaban”, in which Harry and Hermione go back in time to save couple of lives. This thought really fascinates me. People sometimes; make some decisions for which they have to struggle for life. I feel even if we have access to a time machine to change our decisions we need to have some conditions for use on the same, something like

1. You can only change couple of decisions in a period of 5 or 10 years.
2. You can only change a decision which was made couple of months ago and not beyond that.

The above two conditions are the ones which come to my mind immediately. Well I know that this is not possible and the problem of such an invention is that most of the time it will be put to use for wrong purposes. People will continue to be responsible for the decisions they make and that’s how God has intended the universe to operate. I guess God always shows us two doors, and we get to make the decision as to which is the right one. When we make decisions which can alter our lives, we need to take extra care on the same. The door which is easiest to get to may not always be the right one. I made such a decision few months back which may haunt me throughout my life.

While I wait for my time machine, I can’t help but wonder “If only I could go back in time”.

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