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Anoop goes and so does my interest in AI

Posted on: April 28, 2009

As I expected Anoop was eliminated last week along with Lil. I was really surprised to see that Matt was safe and Allison ended up in the bottom 2 along with Anoop. It seemed inevitable for Anoop though as he had ended up in bottom 3 for three consecutive weeks before this and the case was similar for Lil too.

As soon as Allison and not Matt ended up with Anoop in the bottom 2 I knew that it’s Anoop’s turn to leave the competition. It has been an incredible journey for Anoop and he made it to the top 6 which was a brilliant effort by any standards. Well as for me it takes a little bit of interest out of this year’s AI. Anyways good luck to Anoop and hope he does not give up singing.


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My Thoughts

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