If I could have any job

Everyone has a dream job. There are the jobs you want to do and there are the jobs which you have to do for living. There is a huge difference. Most of them grow to love the jobs they are already doing over the course of time. When you are a kid and people come up to you and ask “What do you want to become when you grow older?” the most common answers are Doctor, Engineer etc. Believe me most of the times the kid has no clue what he/she is saying.

Most of these are parents/relatives infused dream career at a very young age. When we grow up a little bit and start getting some sort of perspective about life our interests change. Whatever may be our interests, most of us take the safe option and rightfully so. Chasing your dream is not that easy. There are a few who do that and when they succeed there is a real sense of achievement which we will never realize. As a kid I always wanted to be a cricketer. Cricket was everything to me when I was growing up. Studies always took a back seat. To be frank I was basically not interested in studies at all.

The fact that I have a Masters degree is still a shock to me. But when I realized that I can’t become a cricketer anymore, I diverted my attention towards writing about the sport. I feel that reporting/writing about sports is probably the next best thing to playing. Doing that means that you at least get to watch the game you love and also get paid for the same.

What started as casual writing has now become my passion. I love watching tennis and cricket. I would love if I could be paid to watch the same. So that’s the dream job for me right now. Writing about sports is something I enjoy. Following the cricket team around the world, interviewing players, watching cricket for living would be a fantastic career. So there you go, if I could get any job it has to be that of a Sports Writer.

So what would be your dream job? Please share your thoughts.

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