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Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, the leads of Scifi show Ghost Hunters

Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, the leads of Scifi show Ghost Hunters

Ghost Hunters is a different and interesting show, much better than the number of stupid reality shows on TV. For the people who don’t know about the show, Ghost Hunters is about a group of people investigating paranormal activity reported in houses or other buildings trying to capture evidence for it or against it to disprove the same. That’s where this show differs from the rest of the reality show. The fact that the TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society) as they call themselves, go into a house where a paranormal activity is reported with the intention of debunking the theory rather than scaring the inmates even more.


I am one of the guys who love horror movies and the thought of someone investigating paranormal activity live is something which keeps me interested in Ghost Hunters. It’s like watching different horror movie with different theme every week with the same cast.


The episodes are exciting. The leads in the show Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson along with their team keep the viewers interested by giving their expert comments and giving explanation of each and every gadget they use whenever possible. There is little bit of drama here and there in the show but that can be excused as it does not occupy a lot of time on the screen. Most of the time there is action and there are rearely any dull moments in the show. You sit in anticipation of seeing something paranormal on the screen, even though most of the time you are disappointed as the TAPS find no evidence.


But still the overall process of them going to the location, setting up the equipments and then the investigation part is quite enjoyable and action packed. These are few things we cannot say about too many reality shows on the television. At least we don’t see too much of crying and fighting on the screen.


I look forward to Wednesday evenings for the Ghost Hunters. I am not that keen on watching the Ghost Hunters Internationals (GHI) though as I feel that the cast is not that great when compared to Ghost Hunters. I just think that the GHI cast go little bit over the top for me which makes is hard to enjoy the show.


GH cast members are the ones who make the show enjoyable and I hope that they continue giving their best and keep the show as it is right now. Three cheers to Ghost Hunters and its cast. Its one of the few shows I love on television.


Byomkesh Bakshi

During lunch time my friends and I normally discuss about something or the other to kill time. The topics of discussion range from Sports to Politics. We discuss about Tendulkar as well as Sharukh Khan. Sometimes even controversial topics from the happenings in the current Indian politics. Couple of days back we were just sitting at the table talking about the comics we used to read when we were kids and suddenly the topic changed to the cartoons we used to watch. Everyone remembered the spiderman, He-Man and the other cartoons which used to come on DD at that time.


When we were growing up we just had one channel on television and had no options but come to think of it that was not a bad thing. We were wondering as to how the quality of programs in television has changed in the last 15 years or so. Even though the options for us as kids was very less the quality of entertainment was actually much better then what we have right now. The content and the variety of programs on DD was actually much better than the “Mega” serials we see on all TV channels these days. Those days not having too many options made sure that kids went outside to play more often than what we see from kids in this generation.


These days the programs on television is mostly based on movies. Every channel will have same type of programs which will be like Movie Reviews, Song Countdowns, Movie Countdowns, Star interviews and inbetween those lots of ads. While these programs are entertaining it doesnt stop us from flipping channels at regular intervals. There are not too many programs these days which are different and unique and which does not touch upon cinema. Things were different 15-20 years back, we had lots of quality entertainment of DD those days. Even though all of us cursed DD for their constant interruptions and their sometimes annoying coverage of sports and stuff, they did have some great content.


Nobody can forget the classics such as “Vikram Aur Betaal”, “Fauji”, “Byomkesh Bakshi”, “Malgudi Days”, “Nukkad” etc. DD was great for kids too with cartoons such as Spiderman, He-Man, Shazzam, Junglebook and also some serials such as Indradanush which as a kid I used to love to watch. The variety was great I have missed out so many other great DD seriels and programs which we used to enjoy watching those days with less ad breaks. Television used to be true family entertainment. Parents never had to worry too much regarding inappropriate content if watching with kids. These days parents are always at high alert making sure that they change the channels at the right moment mostly to some sports or discovery or to some news channel.


Well even though I used to hate Door Darshan at that time, when we look back the best TV viewing experiance was only when we just had one channel. Anyways thats my opinion as I cannot stand the nonsense dished out these days on television in form of entertainment. Well DD might have taken a backseat these days with the advent of cable networks in India but in terms of quality of content they were way ahead.

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