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Anoop enters top 6 and goes one better than Sanjaya in American idol but only for a few minutes as Matt was saved by the judges to make it Top 7 again. Anoop once again ended up in the bottom three joined by Matt and Lil yesterday. He along with Lil were sent to safety one after the other leaving Matt to sing for life.

Matt performed okay yesterday and it seems like the judges had already decided to save him and that’s what they did. Matt rejoins the pack and it remains top 7 for another week. So the much hyped save has been used this season and there is none available anymore. I guess there will be two eliminations next week and I am thinking that Anoop has very good chance of being one of them.

He has been in the bottom 3 for three weeks in a row now and if he finds himself again there, he might not make it. I hope that he does make it to the top 5. We have to wait and see though. Good luck to him.


The Airtel super singer classical round begins today for us in the US. The problem is that in the US Vijay TV is delayed by couple of weeks, so we get to see it late. So coming back to the classical round it will be an interesting one. This round will be bread and butter for someone like Ravi who we know relishes singing classical based songs but what about the others?

We are down to top 7 now so the singers should be able to handle any challenge thrown towards them. I think that the two singers who might have some issues would be Prasanna and Vijay Narayanan. I say Prasanna because he has just started learning music and probably would have some issues pulling off a complete classical song. I would expect him to choose a Semi-Classical song which might suit his voice. He is a fantastic singer and an entertainer and I would like to see him progress to top 6.

Vijay Narayanan though is lucky to be in this round as he was the weak singer in the B & W round and got through as Rohit pulled out. But I think that he will be one of the strong performers this week. He is classically trained and should be able to give a better performance than the last round. I expect Vijay to go through this time. But this depends on how the rest of the group performs.

Raghini is another singer who has been relatively inconsistent in the previous rounds. She again should not have any problems in the classical round as we have seen here giving some good performances in the past. I remember she was in the safe zone with Ravi singing a classical based song in the “Duet Round”.

Ranjani again should be finding this round to her liking and so will Renu. Both these singers are classically trained and should be able to pull of a classical based song quite well. Renu has to work on her breathing issue this round as it might work against her as the rest of the singers are pretty strong.

Ajeesh I guess will be one of the stronger singers in this round along with Ravi. I tip him to get spot selected along with Ravi as he is a very good singer. I saw the rushes of the program last week and saw him singing “Aadal Kalaiye” from the movie Raghavendra and was sounding very good.

All in all this is going to be yet another riveting 3 days. This is the Top 7 of 2008 and we should expect a very close competition. I am sure that the judges will have a tough time eliminating any of the contestants. I think that Sudha Ragunathan is the chief guest of the show which will give some jitters to the contestants. Let’s hope that the best six contestants make it to the next round.

My Thoughts

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